During the second part of October the air becomes so nicely crispy that you want to take it home in your lungs. October 1 is the longest day with 11.40 daylight hours, while October 31 is the shortest with 10.01 hours of daylight. What to wear in Budapest in autumn Temperature-wise, it’s said that the first half of autumn is the best time to visit the Hungarian capital. Street vendors or small shops may insist on cash only. September is a perfect month to visit Budapest. The month of October corresponds to the beginning of autumn. Hi Sarah, WHat is the weather likely to be like- So far the longest range forecast i can find online is 10 days. If you want to add femininity pack a pretty midi dress and a pair of opaque tights. If a certain color or pattern is shown by locals mavens as being “the thing to wear now” you will start seeing a lot more people wearing it over the next month. Clothes can be added and removed according to the temperature. Your … variety of chimney cakes, prepared over charcoal or fried in oil, plain or Temperatures remain high until the end of October alternating between 60 and 68 degrees. The bare minimum is the proper bikini style swim wear, but you can don a sporty tankini, shorts (with a top), or a one piece ladies swimsuit too, if you prefer more coverage, or you are planning to do some laps in the open air … Any information would be great, especially fashion, customs and hotel info!! we did Budapest to Amsterdam end of Sept. and the weather was beautiful. Avoid people in the streets offering better rates than the licensed bureaux, as they are most likely out to scam you. The legendary Hotel Astoria Budapest opened in 1914 as one of the city’s most elegant hotels, and – over a century later – it ... Hotel Hungaria City Center ****. in 1956, Hungarians began to rise up against Soviet occupation. Budapest at the Beginning of October The weather in Prague and Budapest in October is more or less like autumn. I've taken the tour six times and could still do it again. or the trolleybus 72. In the latter half of the month, the weather becomes more frigid and it snows more often. Budapest can be pretty chilly in the winter and rainy in the spring. free exhibitions to an open day at the Hungarian Parliament. It is open year-round, and It would be useful to carry a small fold up umbrella just in case you get hit with an occasional summer rain shower. Budapest in October. After the summer frenzy, Autumn marks a cooler season to explore Prague at your own leisure. are the perfect choice in October and work well with jeans or a more dressed-up Start with a long weekend, Thursday to Sunday and spend 3 full days in the city to tick all the boxes such as key sightseeing sites, popular restaurants, the ever-buzzing city centre nightlife or local markets. of the sausages and drinks. Shirt | Sweater | Turtleneck | V Neck | Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Pants |  Jeans | Jacket | Coat | Skirt | Leggings | Boots 1 | Boots 2 | Beanie | Bag. In the winter, the temperature will drop requiring you to wrap up in warmer clothing such as hats, shearling lined coats and a cute and cozy scarf. We will be in Budapest for 3 days, then to Vienna for 3 more days and then to Prague for three days. It marks the anniversary of the revolution of October 23, 1956: the beginning of the Budapest uprising, which originally pitted the people of Budapest against Soviet repression. For this edition of Locals Approved Packing Lists Sara Hajgato, a designer for the brand BOTANIKA, has provided  a locals opinion to help us create this Budapest Travel Packing List. Thermal water is high in calcium, magnesium, and hydrogen carbonate and €13) High temperatures remain until the end of October varying between 16 – 20 ºC / 60-68 F, come November however and the temperature will start to dramatically fall, bringing lots of rain and sometimes even snow. What To Wear In Budapest In December. There are bicycles available on rent as well across various docking stations in the city. When it gets nippy, keep a scarf that add warmth. While California Hungary, in the middle of Europe, is a great place to visit at any time of the year, but if you are into winter and winter sports you will love to know that the city of Budapest has a wide range of activities waiting for you. advertisement. Skip the line at Budapest’s world-famous thermal spring spa, Széchenyi Bath. The main facade faces the Danube. 1/411-0157; fax 1/411-0159; www.globalrefund.com). Your email address will not be published. traditional pastry, that is so popular in Hungary. The most important is to check the weather forecast a few days before arrival, that will probably give you some last advices on how to pack your suitace. I’ll also publish your question on Facebook as well. station of the yellow M1 (Millennium Underground) line of the Budapest Metro) Enjoy your trip! and gastronomy. Take a look at … October a good time to visit Budapest? Restaurants that serve premium or exclusive menus are marked a red In December, Budapest is cold, snowy, and sometimes stormy. As for churches: no, you don’t need to wear a skirt, but shorts, very short skirts and sleeveless tops are usually not appreciated. It is very much a typical European style of dress so casual or smart casual will work well. If you are going towards the end of October, a leather jacket Ethnography Budapest. workshops). Ship, the Várkert Bazár (Castle The market is a great place to visit several vendors for an inexpensive lunch of traditional Hungarian foods and is simply a must do in Budapest. shows, baking contests and lots of live music. Check out her beautiful textiles on her blog and facebook. Hungary is famous Also I read that females can’t wear pants inside churches, that women need to wear a long skirt, covered arms and head covering. our hotels for an unforgettable Budapest city break.
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