And in his store he had some milk, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. Preschool Express. Teachers help in many ways, Who am I? Juice............gulp, gulp; I get to sort the mail, I can help if you get lost. People love to see me rush about, One directed traffic, and then there were four. This is a really cool red, pocket quilt made and given to me by one of my assistant teachers back in 1990. 9-1-1, 9-1-1, I am a nurse Some people stop the traffic I went to mail a letter and slid right in the box All that you could see of me were To deliver mail over hill and dale? The children will enjoy the slippery, bumpy feeling. What did the post office need to do to get the letter to you? Materials needed: blank index cards, colored pencils or markers, alphabet flashcards, envelopes, sentence strips or index cards with each child's name printed on it (and a picture of each child). 'We have to put out a fire today!' Help's on the way, help's on the way. Feel free to mail a letter if you love this list -- but feel free to live angry ranty notes in the comments section below. That's good for you! Peter works with one hammer, (one hand) The fire is out. Keep them clean each day. 3-20-06 The big yellow flames go higher and higher. Sung to: "Are You Sleeping?" "Oh, my darling Clementine". I love to deliver the mail, mail, mail. So, if you are a homeschooler, it What would I do? (hold up a hand with fingers flat across palm) | Theme Days When the sink is backing up, Written by Jean Warren author of Piggyback Songs, Theme-a-saurus and 1*2*3 Art. Did you ever see a baker toss pizza like that "The Farmer In The Dell" I help to make people well, well well. In the Dell" For me and you. I love to deliver the mail. Call on me, (C) Copyright 1997-2019 by Preschool Education. Snip, snip, snip. Peter Works With One Hammer What Will You Be? Sleeping in a row ; cut them, squish them, etc. "Pop Goes The Weasel" I know what a fine job you will do. (pinky up) Ex. "I'm A Little Teapot" There's lots that people do. Sun went down, he went home, and then there were none. Inside: Having a post office dramatic play area in your classroom offers a variety of opportunities for working together, writing and sending notes, and learning how mail is delivered. To make sure no one gets hurt. Peter works with one hammer, White added 2-27-98 Policemen keep us safe . Call up the florist today! Look and see, look and see! (wipe sweat from your brow) Back and forth I'll plane the boards until they're smooth enough. You'll find more themes to help you with your planning on my preschool themes page. The carrier asks the barber, | Science & Sensory The School Bus Comes For Me All around the neighborhood, One hammer, one hammer, All around the neighborhood, Thank you to Katelyn from Shippensburg, PA for this idea! Go to the main THEMES PAGE for more theme ideas! Teaching students throughout each day. She smiles and helps us learn all day, She wore a big and friendly smile. Doctor Day I've been workin' on the railroad Pretty soon our dumps will all be full, Calendar | We could all recycle With a crunch, crunch here, and a crunch, crunch there. Sung to: Ho! Provide wooden unit blocks to build the post office. I'm happy that I am a doctor Sung to: To trim his mustache. Feb 14, 2017 - 20 post office mailing activities perfect for a community helper theme or to supplement Valentines activities; for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten And healthy teeth all day. What's the job that you will take? Putting out the fire won't take long at all. They can better understand the process by playing post office. I help people There are many types of glue that can be used to seal letters and stamps! What's the job that you will choose? | Snack Pour on water! 'Cause I think they are just great. Helps a girl and her mother. We will go. One, two, three! If I were a veterinarian, (pretend to put a stethoscope in ears) (I LOVE Amazon, and if you choose to get yours there, they do send me a few cents--which supports my coffee habit!). (Imitate brushing teeth.) That's what it's there for! ocean". I will take pictures of local post offices and different mailboxes and put them in a photo album. (thumb) Can't wait 'til you grow up, There�s so many jobs for you! A letter from my grandma! Barbers cut our hair. Barber, farmer, animal vet, Does the traffic have to stop? Books About the Post Office for Preschoolers There are always so many wonderful community helper books to explore with your preschoolers! Computer Related Reviews Community helpers are an important part of the kindergarten and first grade curriculum. Song added 6-2-98 When dry, they cut the papers into small shapes to use as stamps in your Writing Interest Center. EDITABLE Staff Handbook! Off on the engine oh! Sung to: "Skip to My Lou" (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); | Alphabet See the dump trucks standing in a row. Post Office Play Printables (Pre-K Pages)- The Post Office theme is very popular at this time of the year because Valentine’s Day provides a natural opportunity to discuss mail. People help each other. I'd make my little drill go buzzzzzzzzzz, Even very young children have prior experience with bugs and can easily relate to lessons and activities about them. Sung to: Picking up our mail everyday, 3-20-06 What can we send in the mail? Check those teeth (pretend to drill or x-ray friend's teeth) When I get a call, you'll hear my song, © Copyright 2010-2020   |   All Rights Reserved   |   Privacy Policy & Disclaimer. (middle) Mail Carrier Song To the carrier down the street. added put on a hat and apron) It also allows for some great conversation! First the farmer sows his seeds. Original Author Unknown Place a sheet of bubble wrap in your sensory table and cover with shaving cream. (making saw motion) They will make their own arts and crafts mailbox, letter postcards, and play a letter recognition game called Hidden Letters. Click here to learn more! I help people dong. Can you hear the siren? Do you carry great big boxes, The mail comes from all over, Here a crunch, there a crunch, everywhere a crunch crunch. Like New York, Paris, and Rome. Firefighters help us everyday! Just for me, just for me! When you are sick, In a great big pile, Bunny Mail: A Max & Ruby Lift-the-Flap Book, My Mother the Mail Carrier / Mi Mama la Cartera (English and Spanish Edition), The Post Office Book: Mail and How It Moves, Seven Little Postmen (A Little Golden Book). | Teacher's Lounge I'm a big red fire truck stout and long, Wash and trim your hair (pretend to wash & cut a friend's hair) This firefighter climbs higher and higher. To see our friend, the doctor who, Post Office Theme Activities to Help Your Preschoolers Develop Their Math Skills and the Small Muscles in their Hands! When there is a fire, up) Sending our letters on their way. For almost 20 years, we have provided educators with preschool holiday curriculum, themes, and … He'll work, and work the whole day through (With mouth cupped, shout this.) I deliver Daily Preschool Curriculum & Themes Welcome!! The children brush glue on their paper and sprinkle different colors of glitter. added 3-20-06 Sung to: The firefighter puts out fires . When he works down at the pool. added 1-20-03 I'm a Nurse Dressed in She smiles and helps us learn all day, Continue until all the children have added to the story. Did you ever see a painter A painter A painter I help to make people well. Work with people, The Doctor in the clinic. Now we are at school. I'm a nurse dressed in white, It makes me feel swell. You are commited to planning preschool themes and activities that are engaging hands-on, interactive, fun AND meet the goal of supporting each child’s level of growth and development. Dentists check our teeth. Show the children how you address the letter, where the name goes, etc. The Post Office Department was created in 1792 from Franklin's operation, elevated to a cabinet-level department in 1872, and transformed in 1971 into the U.S. Also, show pictures of them from magazines, posters, etc. Make me a pizza as fast as you can! | Bulletin Boards | I help to make you well. I can teach Call on me, "She'll be comin' Round the mountain". Recycle, recycle, What would I do? Pour on water! See if they recognize the envelope! Here's is my ladder, tall and strong. Please paint my house (color word). (thumb not retire orders the food. And if a tiny hole should show, 'I'll be back in the morning with my bill, bill, bill'. A plumber has to fix them. If there's a letter in the mailbox for me! There are so many jobs to do. Miner, designer, baking cake, This is Postman Dale, who delivers our mail. Place a smaller bin next to the large box and place lots of envelopes in the bin. Take a walk with the children to a local mailbox to mail it! See them dump the garbage The doctor came with his bag and his hat, In the basket is an envelope with the word "LETTER", written on it. Couldn't do without them too! Dump, dump, dump, dump, We need a plumber quickly! When I am needed, I roar and shout. If you have a problem, WHOOO--OO! Original Author Unknown ( bend down little finger ) Once upon a time, we wrote a letter. What Can We Send in the Mail? Original Author Unknown, Sung to: "My Bonnie lies over the "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" The fire bell rings, Down the pole they go,  Five brave firefighters, Repeat second verse, replacing "letter" with other words such as valentine, package, postcard, birthday card, etc.) (Point to self.) Hip! To help us on our way. End it by writing, "We are mailing this letter on ____________ (write in the date and day of the week). In the Mailbox added Have the other children cheer on and support each child as they go! It makes me feel just swell One washes the fire engine, now there are four. Ask if the children can see their mail truck if they have one! Click here to learn more! In this set, there are songs that are sung to the tunes of … A valentine with candy! Join Penny and the KidVision Pre-K Kids at a United States Post Office! This firefighter rings the bell. | Useful Recipes I'm a nurse dressed in white, Site members have full access to an ad-free, print-friendly version of … One child goes around the back of the children skipping with a basket with a green and yellow ribbon on it; Singing, "A tisket, a tasket a green and yellow basket. Dial 9-1-1. Boots, jackets, hats, gloves, Always wears a super smile. The Doctor in the clinic. Some people take the garbage And empty every can. Using the big hose so, so, so Some of our garbage, Who helps you? Popcorn - pop, pop, pop. | Math Five friendly firefighters standing near It makes me feel just swell. If you are looking for more post office dramatic play ideas, here are a few that I adore! Postal Service as … FAQ's Free Coloring Pages Free Printable Pages Search Submit an Idea Mailing Lists Update Newsletter Preschool Edu List Preschool Edu Parents Preschool Themes, About Us Awards Writers Guidelines Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement Buying Ad Space Email Owner. Sung to: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little I'm a police officer Tell them that after you write the letter, you are going to give it to the post office and see how long it takes to get back to you! Five Police Officers added 2-27-98 Original Author Mail Sorting Materials Needed: variety of junk mail (donated by you, other teachers and families) including letters, advertisements, magazines, etc; several shoe boxes. Sung to: "My Doctor, dancer, office clerk, Thank you to Tammie of Seaford, DE for this great activity! sick Bring your dogs, bring you cats, ice cream.......lick, lick, Sung to: The third one said, 'Down the pole we'll slide.' "My Bonnie lies over the ocean". The letter was a story about ________(ask one child to fill in the blank). ( bend down middle finger.) Buzz, buzz, buzz. Then he and I were on our way, I'll like to be an astronaut, flying in space. Oh, who are the people in your Did you ever see a teacher write this way and that This is the way he nails the nail Original Author Unknown I'm a big red fire truck long and stout, EDITABLE Staff Evaluation Pack Click Here to Learn More! The girl and her mother, Tailor, sailor, engineer, Did you ever see a painter brush this way and that The doctor makes us well. The customer orders the food, The customer And heal you when you're aren't. Post Office is a popular song by BMB | Create your own TikTok videos with the Post Office song and explore 0 videos made by new and popular creators. The Firemen fight the fire Original Author Unknown The bathroom or the kitchen. There are things that you must do. The red fire truck sped on to the fire, Done For You Christmas Week-long Preschool Theme! Get the phone You have found the one-stop place for preschool curriculum themes and pre-k lesson plans.Find free activities for art, science, books, snacks, games, music, and fingerplays for over two hundred and seventy themes from A to Z. He/she planes and hammers and saws, Firefighters join the police, We all work together for our community! builder The florist arranges the flowers. Since it would be difficult to take the students around our preschool neighborhood to look at mailboxes or visit the post office, I came up with this idea. | Slippery Bubbles! Oh, the fireman is brave it's said (shout). I can help to make people feel well Dressed in white, dressed in white. If I were a hair dresser (pretend to comb a friend's hair) I help people get well. (point to self). He'll be coming in his mail truck, The doctor looked at dolly and he shook his head. I make tasty meals for you. Call up the florist today, today! One police officer, standing in the sun, And in that store he has some carrots, yes siree, he does. I'd like to be an Don't you hear the Captain shouting: Original Author Unknown. Brush, brush brush your teeth. Home   |   About   |  Contact | Preschool Cubby Member Login. how they run, to put out the fire. What would I do? Materials Needed: A piece of paper, a pen, an envelope and a stamp. Did you ever see a builder saw this way and that? Look and see, look and see! Then he stands and takes his ease. you new things. (making a brushing motion) Valentines, writing letters to family and friends, community helpers---all can be accommodated with this theme! All the people shout! Did you ever see a baker toss pizza like that. Click here to learn more! oh! One fixes the hoses, now there are three. You can see our clothes I help people feel better, Day and night. Tell the children that they will be helping to write a them! Fight fires, too, Putting out the fires everyday, One friendly firefighter-all the work is done, Boom, Boom, Ain't it Great to be a Plumber? Can you guess? Jump in the fire truck, Hurry down the street. I've been workin' on the railroad Materials Needed: glue sticks, bottles of white school glue (each with just a little glue in them! 3-20-06 added 3-20-06 This one here -- hey, that's me! They will love hearing their own story again! Down the street the engine goes Sung to: I'm happy that I am a nurse, These simple children’s songs and rhymes introduce young children to vocabulary and language patterns such as rhythm, rhyme and alliteration, important as a foundation to later literacy learning. This is the way the barber cuts. Five little firefighters sit very still. Teachers help us every day! The doctor makes us well. Did you ever see a painter brush this way and that The florist's the one to help you! Carrots - munch, munch, munch.
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