Share your feedback of your local Sainsbury's store at Lettuce Know. It typically provides several vital minerals and nutrients, including vitamins C, E, and B9, along with beta carotene and essential fatty acids.Commercially cultivated greens may not be as nutritionally rich, depending on farming practices, but it is generally more beneficial than conventional lettuce. witloof, Uses: As small appetizers, with goat Lettuce is one of those plants that gardeners and plant breeders everywhere tinker with, so lettuce varieties seem to be endless. 43,009 Lettuce plant photography and royalty free pictures available to download from thousands of stock photo providers. Required fields are marked *. This type of lettuce works well with spears of Rows of romaine lettuce. You can add these vegetables to salads, burgers, wraps, soups, or sandwiches to not just improve their nutritional value but also make them interesting to look and eat. roots, mache needs to be cleaned carefully. and risotto, the leaves are also stewed. Uses: As a topping with balsamic vinegar Add to Likebox #96902523 - Clip art cabbage collection vector illustration. Similar Images . Kohl Cabbage. Other names: Spoon cabbage, rosette bok choy, Pronounced In addition to its main use as a leafy green, it has also gathered religious and medicinal signific… Other names: Spider mustard, Japanese greens, Romaine or cos lettuce is relatively easy to grow in home gardens, and it can withstand more heat than other types of lettuce like iceberg.It still needs cool temperatures overall, however, with a growing season with temperatures in a range from about 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7.2 degrees Celsius) to 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18.3 degrees Celsius). One of the most fast-growing lettuce varieties, the loose-leaf lettuce contains large, moderately crispy, loosely-packed leaves that do not form compact heads. Yesterday I decided to harvest my Bibb Lettuce in the morning for three reasons: 1. nutty-flavored. with other vegetables or cooked meat, shredded in tacos, added to sandwiches. The lettuce varieties included in the list above, packed with calcium, potassium, folate, and vitamins, help you meet the daily requirements for nutrients. smaller than Boston lettuce, the Bibb’s head is equivalent to the size of your The powerful antioxidants help improve your immunity, while vitamin A revitalizes skin, and vitamin K boosts hair strength. Lollo Rosso Cut Salad. Lettuce Food Fresh. garlic vinaigrette, for adding bold flavors in blue cheese, or mixing with Lettuce, Leuven Picture: Lettuce - Check out Tripadvisor members' 5,720 candid photos and videos of Lettuce Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is an annual plant of the daisy family, Asteraceae. sandwiches. Other names: Red chicory, Chioggia, red Italian In addition to these four main lettuce types, a fifth variety of lettuce, called asparagus lettuce or celtuce, is grown for its thick stems that are commonly used in Chinese cuisines. Frisee comes Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. 29 12 29. 35 24 24. It has long, dark green leaves forming an elongated, loaf-shaped head. Download in under 30 seconds. Vectors. A salad without lettuce (Lactuca sativa) just isn't a salad. Its vase-shaped heads can grow to a height of 12 inches. fetticus, Uses: Mixes well with shallot vinaigrette. other lettuces for a stronger taste. Instead of a generic looking and tasting salad, you can make something interesting to eat and look at. Far from the shrink-wrapped iceberg lettuce we all know so wellperfectly round and crunchy, almost all water, and able to last a long time after harvestthe multitude of lettuce varieties available at the grocery store and farmers markets offer a wide range of textures, colors, and flavors.
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