It is also useful as an easy to use antiviral. So What Should You Look For? Researchers say that the Staphylococcus aureus bacterial strain causes many infections. So, in an effort to ward off other infections and help curb the Borrelia spirochete, I take several drops a day of a blend of Oregano Oil/Olive Leaf Oil. This herbal oil is derived from the flowers and leaves of wild oregano plant. Dr. Martin Raff answered. In a nutshell: Dozens of other studies confirm the fact that oregano oil can be used instead of harmful antibiotics for a number of health concerns. Some poultry farmers use oregano oil instead of commercial antibiotics to keep their flock healthy and prevent infections. Oregano oil is packed with minerals and vitamins and outperforms any and every antibiotic on the market by targeting a myriad of bad pathogens while at the same time strengthening the immune system and girding it up so that it is better able to combat infectious invasions of bad bacteria. You don’t have to stop taking it. Cephalosporins: Yes, this should not be a problem. The substance responsible for the “odor” is carvacrol, a monoterpenic phenol isomeric with thymol, also present in many essential oils of the mint family plants (Lamiaceae or Labiatae). Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed*** and may vary from person to person***. In this article, we will break down everything you need to know about oregano oil including how it is used as an antibiotic, the correct dosage, and how to use it for specific gastrointestinal issues so that you can find relief soon! Oil of oregano, which is distilled from the flowers and leaves of the oregano plant, could be one of nature's most powerful antibiotics. Researchers also found that about 25% of the time that antibiotics were prescribed, they were for conditions that antibiotics typically don’t treat. With the misuse and overuse of antibiotics to treat diseases, resistance to the drugs has begun to appear and has become more serious because of selective pressure. Not only does oregano oil destroy Candida infestation, but it also has the ability to destroy other beneficial bacteria that you’re your lacking. Two studies have shown that oregano oil—and, in particular, carvacrol, one of oregano’s chemical components—appear to reduce infection as effectively as traditional antibiotics. A lot of people that are treating SIBO or any other stubborn bacterial infection usually use a combination of 1-3 different herbs. Yep, happens to me a lot. 0. Derived from the inner bark of several Tabebuia tree species, pau d’arco—also known as … It is a powerful antimicrobial that powerfully fight off infections. But this remedy has actually been around for thousands of years and has a deep history in many cultures. The “kinder and gentler” mechanism of action of oregano oil means that there is a decreased risk of adverse effects that are often seen with prescribed antibiotics. Oregano oil is a powerful antibiotic and has been used for years to treat wounds and infections on the skin. These include: Oregano Oil vs Pharmaceutical Antibiotics, Limited Time Discount! Ideally mountain grown organic wild Mediterranean or Himalayan oregano oil. Oil of oregano is sold in liquid form or in soft gel capsules; Buy the right type of oregano oil. Now that you’ve learned how oregano oil can be useful for bacterial infections, sore throats, SIBO, colds, and other concerns you will need to select a product that contains the most effective form of oregano oil. Both oregano oil and garlic act as great natural alternatives to antibiotics and are both very potent. You can also consume oregano oil in the form of gel capsules in your daily diet. Oregano oil contains two potent compounds called carvacrol and thymol. Turkish researchers analyzed oil of oregano’s ability to keep side effects from these diseases at bay (because antioxidants and anti-inflammatory drugs can be ineffective at fully protecting patients from the side effects of MTX). 0 comment. The obtained outcomes will enable further investigations using oregano essential oil obtained from Origanum heracleoticum L. as alternative antibacterial remedies enhancing healing process in bacterial infections and as an effective means for the prevention of antibiotic-resistant strain development … However, today we are going talk about oregano oil side effects. You may be surprised to learn that oregano oil has many advantageous medical uses as well as being a delicious herb used in cooking. These include nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, and diarrhea. It’s a distilled extract of medicinal-grade oregano. cratosslot, © 2020 SIBO Surivor | All Rights Reserved. “Oregano Oil: A Powerful Natural Antifungal,” The Candida Diet web site;, last accessed September 21, 2015. Interestingly, yet not surprisingly, bacterial resistance to standard antibiotics has become a big problem in the health industry. Oregano Oil Natural Antibiotic – Every Home Should Have A Bottle!
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