Ask to be put on their bid list, and ask what projects they have coming up. Meaning projects can be 50% more expensive than other parts of the country. But, before you get too far involved, here are 15 ways that you can build a contracting business that’s going to last or grow the contracting business you already own. Is your estimating team making mistakes because they are going too fast? Here is a simple template to get you started: Next, to estimate the project you are going to need a database of pricing. Now, a lot of contractors think this bond will cover them if they make a mistake on the price I need to walk away, but that’s not true. The most important part of a construction company is your estimating department. Then provide Area Modifiers to adjust for pricing for each zip code. On the other hand, this fluidity can spell the end for other entrepreneurs who either struggle to break even or have gone bankrupt. Two project management software programs we’ve used and can confidently recommend are: There are a ton of them and some are industry-specific, so I highly recommend you reach out to the sales departments and watch a demo so you can see how we can help you. Our favorite strategy to get the best leads is going to start with using commercial and residential lead generation services. Because of my background as a Superintendent, I opened up the Mechanical plans and figured out the vertical space requirements using the height of the ducts, required strap height, an additional gap for installation purposes, etc. Always keep in mind that you want customers who deliver a solid ROI, instead of those who give you headaches. Our best strategy when getting clients opportunities with new clients is the audition method. After settling on a system that uses the best practices, you next want to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your company. They can tell you who is bidding. You often can get much better pricing from them with this arrangement. Damages to your work that will be back charged. This is  The most important insurance you can have. I recommend using the Title Page Method you just learned above and ask the Owner to bid their job. If something seems obvious to you, it might not be obvious to your client. We’ve organized them for you so you can jump to the section you need the most right now. Remember the part earlier that we were talking about building up your perceived value? The Government is always building! So make sure you cover your self. Your Project Manager will likely spend half of his or her time managing administrative duties, and the other half managing the field alongside the Superintendent. The director needs to see their abilities before hiring them  to see if they are good for the part. Here Are Top 10 Promotion & Marketing Ideas For A Construction Business 1. DO NOT use construction agencies to staff your project. To find out local building department, head over to Google and type one of the following: Next, sign up as a US Government Contractor on a federal level. Whenever there are multiple points of contact with someone or your brand, we tend to subconsciously start liking it or them. Those are terrible odds. Interior Designers (some designers do some of the finishes directly. After all, being prepared is the key to efficiency and profitability. This includes asking questions like; These questions can be answered by reviewing your books, paying attention to what people are saying about your business online and talking with employees and customers. If you build a great team, implement these strategies and principles, you’re pretty much guaranteed success. This covers upfront costs you’ll need to cover such as equipment rentals, set up fees for scaffolding, lifts, etc. If you specialize in a specific niche, you can position yourself as an expert so that everyone who is going to be performing that type of project comes to you. Let me introduce you to a very valuable, and little known psychology principle that you can utilize to influence your client in a positive way. In short, it’s 3x or 4x your chances of winning. In sales, you have to “Always Be Closing”. You don’t need to competitively bid, so you shouldn’t bill cheap. Basically if you do a good estimate, run the project and perform the way you were supposed to, you will never have an issue with bonding. Maybe even the doors. We actually help our clients estimate their entire projects so they can continue focusing on running their companies, and building their business. They can also help you develop essential business skills, ranging from how much to charge for clients to how to write a contract. First go to your local County, City, and State Building Departments and sign up as a Government Contractor. By doing this you’ve just multiplied your chances of winning by 3 or 4. General Contractors (ask to get on their bid list), Construction Management Firms (sometimes they hire subs on smaller projects directly), New Construction Projects (ask for the person in charge and ask if they need your trade for any jobs). Areas like New York and Boston have labor rates nearly double the national average. Include a detailed summary of what your are going to include, and everything you are going to exclude. A credit line is designed to help you bridge the gap between the expenses from this months work, and the check that usually takes two months to get there. 1. To summarize, charge your change orders based on the type of change order. And filing bankruptcy will likely not remove those types of liabilities from you. Furthermore, when searching for the right bank or bonding company to help grow construction business, you should ask contractor friends, builder’s association, competitors and insurance agents for recommendations. Marketing your construction business business should be one of your priorities when starting out, so be sure to dedicate the necessary time and money to doing it right. Copyright © 2020 I Am Builders All Rights Reserved. If you want to grow your construction business, you need to spend money on it. So your options are limited. This cost goes directly to the Owner. So the electricians need to cut up the wall and  and then it has to be patched. These are all real costs that often occur BEFORE a contract is signed. Growing a construction business IS EASY if you follow certain proven strategies. I saw a detail that shows an installation method that can be improved. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to grow your construction business. Many of these methods are not new, but surprisingly, most contractors are not doing them. But even general contractors are going to find difficulty in covering things like general conditions, equipment rentals, direct labor, etc. One of the challenges most contractors have is preparing their invoices and monthly billings. Tip 8: Pour the money back into the business. We can use a better type of trim. “Angieslist” and “Houzz,” they both are great to expand construction business. It’s a big myth that the low bidder always wins the job. 2. These companies can provide you their regular workers but on an hourly basis, with a few dollars on top for profit. We also have our own construction division here in South Florida so we practice every strategy you’re about to read. We work with Developers, General Contractors, Subcontractors, Architects, Owners, Owner Reps, Lenders and more. Means you have to bid 11 jobs to get ONE. Are you missing out on projects because of time? A simple message informing customer that their message was received and they’ll receive a response within 24 hours should be enough to keep them satisfied. So, take a look at your equipment, services, and tools and see which need a tune-up, replacement, or maybe just don’t belong anymore. However, Angieslist works in US only. It could simply be your ability to provide services specifically for offices, as opposed to other contractors, who solely focus on residential properties. There is often disagreement on the percentage of work that is completed when you are sending your invoice. 3. Most projects have three or four bidding general contractors. So, why not contract out all of your bookkeeping and accounting needs to a freelancer or CPA? Before starting, you need to set a few short and medium-term goals so you can implement the correct strategies. People have to be free to do their own work and make their own decisions. In the commercial space, it’s going to be an added too to increasing your value. Consider branding your company with a professional logo, website, company shirts for you and your employees, high-quality business cards, professional looking templates, and brochures if you are in the residential market. This is the type of insurance that covers your Company  from things caused directly by your construction project. Once you realize that, you can start outsourcing certain tasks so that you can relieve some stress and focus on growing your business steadily. Databases like National Construction Estimator offer you highly accurate pricing tailored to your project’s zip code. Measures such as the presence of your business in online directories, building a relationship with similar businesses, and doing some free social services are proven to enhance your market reach. Are you looking to explode, or want a steady increase? The interview method goes hand-in-hand with the addition method. it allows you to not only maintain your current level success but also helps you be prepared to scale properly when it’s time to grow. Even if you’re a general contractor, you’re probably not an expert in all fields. You can do all of this on, and for your print media and shirts. Want to grow your construction company in 3 months?. One of the best tips to grow your company is to use a schedule of values to bill your project. The trick is not to focus so much on the project and focus on the opportunity to develop a relationship with the prospect. We use the numbers from the database and make modifications to labor and material pricing based on field conditions.
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