After the Storm. If you are fishing on a calm day, you can skip small lures on the surface like you would skip a rock. Instead, head right for the deep basin(s). Great color for year-round crappies. Just like fishing for any species from shore with lures, always cast at 45-degree angles instead of straight out as this will allow your lure to be in the strike zone for a longer period of time at specific depths crappie are feeding. by becoming a Supporting Member. I have found that crappie higher up in the water column are less aggressive than the ones down deeper. Crappie love weeds during the summer. Also, fish everything slower and more methodically. After ice-out, crappie move into mucky-bottom bays where the shallow water will heat up first. In cold water, crappie will seek out of the warmest water to be found. During the spring, keep “eater” fish in the 9-11” range. These deeper sides of points will hold the most crappie. Spider rigs allows crappie anglers to put out multiple rods with lures in a … We also catch crappie on blade baits and spoons. Don’t use braid as the ice will cut your line at the slightest abrasion. Just remember, crappie will be very spread out in huge deep basins so it will take a lot more work and luck to locate them. With the mostly mild winter conditions this year and the arrival of spring on the horizon, many crappie anglers are itching to get out and catch some slab crappie. Crappie will utilize shallow-water docks in as shallow of water as 3 feet and deeper marina docks that could dropoff to 25 feet. Crappie will hold tight amongst the tree so you will need to work your baits vertically within the branches. Crappie lures come in many colors. During the spawn, crappie move off softer bottoms and seek out harder surfaces. I think tube jigs and shad swimbaits will work best. A method I really like using is to drop my jig right down to the bottom and set it a foot up. By using 2 colors, you are increasing the likelihood crappie will be able to see at least one of the colors. During the fall, downsize your entire setup. March 2, 2017 ODU Admin Panfish Fishing Comments Off on Catch More Crappie And Use A Kayak. You can also jig minnows and wax worms with good success. Examples include steeper sides of a deeper hole and a point. Heck, you can catch crappie under docks in 15 feet of water. Click 4. I really like dark jigheads with yellow, light green, white, or pink dressing. link to Will Salmon Bite at Night? Crappie will congregate in pockets where weed patches are thickest hunting for food. This is very important. Slow way down to catch these sluggish winter crappie. How to Catch More Crappie I want more. Crappie will head for these structure features. If you find shad, you will find crappie. Green works best when paired with yellow or white. Here for AD-Free Premium membership options. Plus, a good trap once set up can be left in place so you can do other things before coming back and pulling in the crappie. His understanding of how to catch crappie is based on years spent on the water. I have never tried this myself but I’ve watched a lot of online videos where crappie fishermen using special LED lamps just beneath the ice to draw in crappie. During the summer and early fall months, I can think of no better place to fish crappie than under docks. If you find a fallen tree with a nice current pushing into it, that is a great spot to fish. Works really well when paired on a 2-tone lure with green, black, or red. When fishing for crappie from the bank, look for structure near shore. test mono. 8. May 26, 2015 May 26, 2016. Be prepared to drill plenty of holes and bounce around often chasing the bites. A bobber and jig combination can be used throughout the year to catch crappie. Shiners: I really like using small shiners for crappie during the winter and spring. Fish very slowly around and under docks. Deep basins are key crappie locations in winter. Crappie follow the shad in the fall. If you find crappie near the surface, you will find crappie. You can catch crappie through the ice by jigging live bait, small spoons, or jigs over known humps, weeds, or in deeper basins. You can fish these year-round, even through the ice, for great results. Use a 1/32-ounce or 1/16-ounce jig and a 1 to 2-inch grub. In the fall, the thermocline dissolves making the entire water column capable of supporting crappie. Use a long-shank size 6 j-hook as this will allow the minnow to remain alive much longer, prevent the barb from re-piercing the minnow, and make hook removal a lot easier. By hooking these lower crappie and pulling them up through the docile ones, sometimes this can excite the crappie and make them more willing to feed. 2. Green works best when paired with yellow or white. In lakes that don’t freeze over, large marinas can be good spots to locate winter crappie. Once the crappie have gone to offshore structure it's prime time for spider rigging for crappie. This site is owned and operated by Eric Matechak. Go right down to 1 or 2-pound test. These weeds will hold baitfish and oftentimes, a lot of crappie. Crappie really seem to like pink, especially light pink. Just a little of the "right" knowledge about crappie fishing will do more for you to catch crappie than all that gear put together. 1-2 inch minnows work best. These channels of current will hold the most amount of crappie. These things are awesome in the summer and early fall. This is where you need to fish and use minnow or shad patterns. Shad are a major food source for crappie in many watersheds. Be prepared to drill plenty of holes and bounce around often chasing the bites. Yellow is very visible in most water types. Many crappie will remain in relatively shallow water under docks, weeds, bridge pilings, and among trees. Again, find the shad first. Be prepared to dig many holes in search of pockets of crappie. A bobber rig is a great way to deliver a lure to crappie in a slow methodical way to ensure the bait remains in the strike zone teasing a crappie as long as possible. As the spawn kicks in, crappie move onto shallow harder bottom areas like gravel and sand. Anyone can catch a few crappie out fishing, but to successfully put a limit in the livewell it takes more than luck. Crappie use their senses of sight, smell, and feel to detect food. I drove the roads for 20+ years and I got to know my sleep needs and habits. These areas can attract crappie. Wax Worms: For ice fishing, wax worms are one of the best crappie baits. Since then, I've lived across the country and have really taken that passion for fishing to a new level. When ice fishing for crappie, locating them is the toughest part. Run the hook through the upper lip and out one of the nostrils. The action may last only a few minutes, but during those few minutes, you may catch more fish than you will the rest of the day. Black can work too. This usually occurs in deeper water and large basins are a great place to search for crappie. These areas can attract crappie. Fish your marabou jigs half-way down and your jigging raps about 1-3 feet off the bottom. You can select grubs with flat “beaver” tails, twisty tails, or straight tails. Jigs seem to perform best jigged a foot off the bottom and spoons do better fished mid-water. The lights will draw in plankton and tiny fish first, then crappie later on. Basins can be huge and crappie can be very scattered. Earthworms: I think worms can be a pretty good summer and early fall crappie bait. Most crappie anglers regard springtime as the most productivetime of year to catch crappie, but Davis admits that he prefers the wintermonths for sheer productivity. Bluegills and crappie occur naturally in many of the same waters so you can bet crappie are making meals of tiny bluegills, especially in the summer. During the fall turnover when the water in lakes essentially flips from cool water on the bottom in summer to cool water on top in winter, crappie can become very hard to find. Look for large pockets of weeds near deeper water and fish these weeds thoroughly. While catching a few slab crappies is surely worthwhile anytime, collecting enough for a fish fry requires volume. When you start to bring them in you will be one accomplished and happy angler. To better locate good weeds that will hold crappie, remember crappie also love deeper water. Note: Some crappie anglers find success with small spoons dressed with feathers and small crankbaits. These little baits can work well mashed onto a small bait hook but I think you’d be much better off smearing them along the sides of other lures as an additional crappie attractant. Look in back bays and near the mouths of creeks. Click These channels of current will hold the most amount of crappie. We have been compiling techniques from people who fish for crappie often. Slowly fish minnows, jigs, and spoons between and under docks. FreshwaterFishingAdvice is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Bruce, .Verrett may be on the horizon., please don't eat the state record like the other guy did. (Moon Phases, Seasons, Baits). This is where crappie will stack at in highest concentrations. I have found that 2-tone lures work better as a contrast of say black and yellow are more likely to be seen than simply a black lure or a yellow lure. Crappie will be at one or all of these features. Great color for year-round crappies. jig hook. If you rub a little Slab Sauce or similar crappie attractant on the lure, the lure will trigger a crappie’s sense of sight and smell. The winter transition usually occurs mid-November in the north until early December in the south. This is probably the best crappie color. More, more, more crappie. I don’t rotate shifts overnight like I was required to do in the last. Fishing with bobbers can also help you catch more crappie. Helpful 8 Not Helpful 4 Look for big weed pockets adjacent to deeper dropoffs. Shad: If minnows are my #1, shad are my 1A. You may be able to spot them on the surface or with sonar. This rule also applies to the winter. Great in low-light situations. Discover the best time of day to catch bass, trout, catfish, panfish, walleye, carp, and many more depending on the season, moon phases, and weather. You will catch a lot more bluegills, bullheads, and trout than crappie on worms. These locations draw in baitfish that the crappie eagerly devour. Pink is very visible in all clarity levels of water. Fish weeds first before any other crappie-attracting feature. The easiest location to find winter crappie is on thick weed beds. Look for sandy or gravel bottoms which is where they build their spawning beds. FreshwaterFishingAdvice is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to These can work vertically jigged year-round around cover and structure, but they really shine in winter ice fishing. This is not true. Bobbers also make it easier to cast out a light jig or set lure depth. Hope you finished your dock. It's not that we are greedy, but crappie sure taste good and they are fun to catch. There are a variety of really good swimbaits on the market for crappie. Not every weed patch will hold fish. #5 Green: Green is a good color for clearer water. We all want more. You may find crappie only want to eat the minnow or only want to eat the lure. Many anglers get lucky and catch crappie by accident. Not all trees will hold crappie, so search until you find one with fish. How do you catch crappie? Fire tiger, yellow perch, and minnow are great jigging rap patterns for crappie. One of the best times for crappie fishing is in the wintertime. How To Catch More Crappie. Great When fishing for winter crappie in drainages, focus on the main river channel. These shallow lakes will have plenty of weed growth. This is means use smaller hooks. Fish these very slow around docks, bridge pillars, and along the bank pre-spawn. Many states allow large bag-limits for crappie daily. White is a great neutral color than stands out very well in dark, muddy, and even clear water. Even if you do catch a couple, they can be so scattered you may need to move repeatedly to keep finding new crappie to hit. Help You need to learn how to catch crappie in order to land as many as you truly can. Drainages/Flowages: When fishing for winter crappie in drainages, focus on the main river channel. Crappie love docks at least 3 feet deep. Crappie are low-light predators. Fish minnows under docks, by submerged wood, by bridge pillars, or over thick weed beds. They have a great scent to draw in crappie and a taste to make them hold on to your lure just a little longer. You can also hook a small piece of crappie nibble on your lure’s hook. Try to select patterns that look like natural food. Deep Lakes: In deep lakes, crappie will move down into the deeper basins. Throw a white or yellow in there and see if you can trick them. Basins can be huge and crappie can be very scattered. It may be tougher for crappie to see in muddy water or low-light though. These areas are usually huge and finding them can seem daunting. Allow the … You also need to fish low-light situations around sunrise and sunset. Let the giants go for the future of your crappie fishing. If you have the luxury of a boat, cast along the edges first then work your way under the docks. These are great places to find crappie as they provide cool water, shade, and plenty of food. It can be done but don’t expect great fishing. 7 to 10 inches is pretty common, with white crappie a slightly larger max and on average – it’s negligible, however. This is a big-time crappie color. Attach a small float or bobber the desired length above your lure. I like using a bobber rig to make sure you fish them nice and slow. Look for the steepest side of the deep basin (where the contour lines are tightest). The trick is to let the bobber do the work. Spring is no exception, especially during the spawn. If possible, stand on the logs and work your bait vertically among the branches. Winter crappie are tough to find. Go with a lighter fishing line, smaller fishing hooks, smaller lures, and smaller baits. Downsize your baits and fishing line. In these northern bays with muddy bottoms, find patches of weeds. They work really well. I couldn’t find a comprehensive how-to guide for catching crappie online that truly covers every facet of crappie angling so I decided to create one myself. 5. Catch More Crappie And Use A Kayak Catch More Crappie And Use A Kayak. I hope you find tremendous value. Freely bounce around from weed pocket to weed pocket until you find the crappie. Crappie love drop-offs and these are big staging areas for winter crappie. Examples include steeper sides of a deeper hole and a point. Want to Know the Best Time of Day to Fish? Most people who say you can’t catch summer crappie are fishing in the wrong locations and during midday when they can get away from yard work. Docks in or right beside deep water can be really good crappie spots. During the summer, fish the docks. The key to successful dock fishing is to drop minnows and jigs straight down vertically if you are standing on them.
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