Am günstigsten wirken sich Temperaturen von 22 bis 25°C aus. If you are located in a northern region, consider planting in a container, as the soil tends to warm up faster in containers. Caladium schomburgkii - These have lance shaped leaves. Unusual patterns and colors on large leaves, it is Caladium‘s own trademark. Uses. 3:47. The health care provider will measure and monitor the person's vital signs, including temperature, pulse, breathing rate, and blood pressure. Prized for its highly decorative leaves, Caladium 'White Christmas' (Angel Wings) is a tuberous perennial with lush, heart-shaped, silvery white leaves adorned with striking dark green veins and edges. In fact, watering them on a weekly basis is recommended. 20°C. Der farbkräftige Buntwurz (Caladium bicolor), auch unter den Bezeichnungen Buntblatt, Kaladie und Elefantenohr bekannt, gehört zur Familie der Aronstabgewächse. Dappled shade or complete shade is best in very hot or dry climates. Once your elephant ears are in the ground, taking proper care of the plants is imperative. Leaves of C.bicolor are ovalish or shaped like arrowheads. Im Winter ruhende Knollen werden bei 13 bis 16 °C in trockenem Torf gelagert. Planting Caladiums is very easy. Poisonous for pets: Toxic to cats and dogs. Lake Placid-Sebring area is known as the Caladium Capital of the World. Numerous hybrids and horticultural varieties offer a wide range of leaf col and pattern. Standort im Sommer und Winter: Die Vertreter der Gattung Caladium benötigen helle bis halbschattige Standorte. Pot Size - 4 inches (Thermoform and plastic pot). Tuber plants, fancy leaf caladium can be purchased from garden centers, nurseries, and even from online distributors. Die Kaladien (Caladium) bilden eine Pflanzengattung aus der Familie der Aronstabgewächse (Araceae).. While these breathtaking plants can be purchased at full-size from a nursery or garden center, growing your own fancy leaf caladium is not only more cost-effective, but it’s also more enjoyable. Kooc Media Ltd Caladium argyrospilum Lem.. Caladium barraquinii Lem.. Caladium belleyenei Lem.. Caladium brongniartii Lem.. Caladium chantinii Lem.. Caladium concolor K.Koch. The most important factors in caladium care are moisture and feeding. They are unique and by its nature, and by choice of varieties, and the impression in the interior. If grown in the right conditions and cared for properly, this plant will be sure to add eye-catching beauty to any location. The perfect choice for beds and borders. Plant Size – Approx. Press Esc to cancel. Heart of Jesus, angel wings, elephant ear, fancy leafed caladium (common). Caladium houseplant care description. Die enorme Attraktivität erhält das Gewächs aufgrund der langen Stiele mit den großen Blättern. They are unique and by its nature, and by choice of varieties, and the impression in the interior. More round or heart shaped leaves are heritage of Caladium bicolor. 9 inches. In cool regions, Caladium tubers should be dug before the first frost. Das Austrocknen, vor allem wenn das Substrat mehrere Tage trocken bleibt, kann zum frühzeitigen vertrocknen der Blätter führen. 9 inches. She has an affinity with nature and loves to share her knowledge gained over a lifetime with readers online. As tropical plants, fancy leaf caladium love heat. If the soil is sandy, mix in some peat moss to improve moisture retention. Caladium, having tight, leathery leaves, and remaining fine-leaved and delicate. Fancy-Leafed Caladium (Caladium bicolor) in the Caladiums Database - … Solariums, sun rooms, and bathrooms are the perfect spots for this houseplant. Urban Caladium is the brand for beautiful Caladiums! The soil should be kept evenly moist throughout the height of the growing season. In some climates, container plants can be grown in full sun, with careful monitoring. Humidity is crucial to Caladium houseplant care as the tubers are native to South American tropical forests and produce seasonal foliage during the rainy, warm season. Feb 18 , 2020. His research formed the basis of the field of biogeography. Amend the soil at planting and once a year with fresh compost or well-aged manure. The leaves are decorated with colorful shading, veins, margins, or markings. Growing them outdoors in containers gives you more control over light conditions. Care; Contact; Learn more about us Urban Caladium. Commonly known as Angel Wings or Elephant Ears, they are a frost tender perennial and if planted outdoors need a rich, well-draining soil and partial shade. Große Knollen können im Frühjahr geteilt werden und zwar so, dass sich an jedem Teilstück ein Auge befindet. Caladiums are frost-tender plants, so they require special care in order to survive the winter months in regions where temperatures drop down to or below freezing.
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