Reserve bags in Amadeus. If you do not want the SSR to be expanded on input, but at End of Transaction (ET) or manually (before ET) use the asterisk; The system temporarily creates a single SSR with YY as the airline code Added Amadeus insurance total price element. For example: SR VGML . There are two duty codes used in the JI command, Agent Sell (travel agents only) ( AS ) and Supervisor (SU ). SUMMARY. CB. SR*VGML. XX is the marketing carrier of the related segment IN (4 or 5 numerical characters) YY is the 2 letter carrier code (applicable to Worldspan only) Use with the DTID key word and BACCI code for British Airways bookings . Element Identifier 3a SSR (b) SSR Service Code 4a GSTP (c) Airline Designator (3 character codes are preceded with an oblique) 2an or 3a UK or /VTI (d) Status Code 2a HK (e) Number of services (without leading zeros) 1-2n 1 (f) Country 1-3a /IND (g) First Business Telephone Max. Added element containing status code (except SSR) AT. All SSR entries consist of the SR transaction code and a four-letter service code defining the request. The following codes are used in the Amadeus PNR. ... AMADEUS < Agency reference : GPAPI or HE SSR > (Effective - … VGML. You enter a Special Service Request (SSR) to request a special service for a passenger such as a special meal, a wheelchair and others. DOCO - Passenger Other Travel Related Information. Amadeus Marketing (UK) Ltd Amadeus Ancillary Services Last update: 21/09/2012 Page 5 of 33 Example Chargeable SSRs are managed by the system in the same way as regular SSRs (SSR explosion at time of input). 22 cze 2020 19:35:41 . Alternatively, you can bypass the message by reentering ER or ET. SR* Transaction code, asterisk. Wheelchair assistance – SSR WCHR/WCHS/WCHC Please always inform bmi when a customer requires a wheelchair. SSR Structure. Amadeus Offers: How to cancel an offer. WCHC passenger is completely immobile and requires wheelchair to/from aircraft and must be carried up/down aircraft steps and to/from cabin seat. For airlines that participate in Advance Passenger Information System (APIS). U.S. Customs and Border Protection require these three pieces of information: For a list of airlines that support APIS special service request, see GGAPIS. OPTIONAL ENTRY for easyJet : AVAILABILITY, FARES and RULES ACW1/B1 Shortcut after AN for fare display (line 1/B buy 1 seat) SR VGML/P4: SR: Transaction code: VGML: Four-character service code /P4 SRGSTN YY HK1-IND/22AAAAA0000A1Z5/IBM Components Type Number and Type Examples of Characters (a) Element Identifier Mandatory 2a SR (b) SSR Service Code Mandatory 4a GSTN Discover the main airlines in which you can bring pets and how you can reserve them in the Amadeus system. * Freeflow text is mandatory, for example SRMASS - elderly person. Priority Guest *Please contact Japan Airlines 4. 22 cze 2020 18:58:12 . ... SSR DOCS MISSING FOR Px. The sign-in command is often referred to as "Jump In" due to the command identifier JI. 1.3 Enter ERK or ETK to change the status to HK and for automatic removal of the NO/UN segment. TRAVELSKY. If one element is not needed, insert a dash anyway, unless no further element is provided. The carrier code may be for a specific carrier or the generic carrier code YY. ) St., Bokharest Ave. Fax: INT +9821 88706606 Email: MAY 2011 Amadeus API - Code List - PNR_SSR. However, in order to comply with customs requirements, we recommend that you use the three-letter AIRIMP country code: for example, USA or FRA. NM1SHARMA/B MSTR (CHD) SSR CHLD YY HK1/P1 When DOB is mentioned in the name entry NM1SHARMA/B MSTR (CHD/26JAN00) SSR CHLD YY HK1 26JAN00/P1 Infant Passengers CONDITION COMMAND SSR OUTPUT IN THE PNR When DOB is mentioned in the entry NM1KUMAR/A MRS (INF/BABY/25JAN06) SSR INFT YY NN1 KUMAR/BABY 25JAN06/S3/P1 When DOB is not mentioned in … AMADEUS. Each SSR uses a four-character IATA code that specifies the type of service requested. Book pets in Amadeus. The process used to convert a full name of an item into a code is referred to as Encoding. Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: Booking File Module. We will use the following PNR to illustrate this functionality: RP/MADXX2100/MADXX2100 WG/SU 01MAYx0/1623Z ABC123 HD07 Amadeus Extended Ownership.pdf. This list may have had codes added since it was posted. SSR OTHS 1A /// TKS SSR OTHS BA RGRT UNTO ST AS REQSTD ON BA107 AS FURTHER STNG AT APT CHKIN...BRGDS SSR OTHS BA HMVR PAX ALRDY STD BEST POSB 1A/1K...BRGDS SK ECST BA HK1 /NW/FI-L/S13 Regret unable to seat as requested on BA107 as further seating at check-in. The IATA recommendation is that text should be in English. THE SSR SERVICE CODE IS NOT VALID. GDS. Due to the limited character set within EDIFACT the below table describes the mapping to parse the email from EDIFACT to and XML friendly email address.
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